John & Susan


John Kennedy Okinge was born in Kabuoch Kawuor Village, Kenya about thirty years ago. His parents died of AIDS when he was two years old. A widow in the village raised him and took him the a Christian church every Sunday.

When John was an adolecent, he had a profound spiritual awakening and was asked to serve Jesus. The next day someone brought him an orphan and he adopted him.

John is married with five adopted children. His biological son died last year from sickle cell anemia which is common in Africa.

Currently, John works to make money for his family and the orphans. He started corresponding with Susan about six months ago and she agree to help all the ophans and their spiritual father Pastor John.The chilren refer to her as Monther Susannah.

Susannah was born in 1948, the year Monther Teresa started her ministry. She grew up admiring missionaries but was afraid of the hard work.

Susan is a recovering addict and in recovery [1982] she began writing books for love addicts and codependents. In 2015, she had a vision of the Holy Spirit who told her to help childdren.

Susan went to various charities to help children and they turned her down. Then she met Pastor John and felt it was her calling to help him. She was suspiious at first because of the reputation of charities in Africa, but she finally developed trust in what Pastor John is doing and plans to visit in the future. She is also sponsoring one child in particular: Edward Lowell.

For more about Susan's life before she met John, you can visit her website below. She is a retired teacher and now writes books.